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Staples Consultants LLC

Together we can improve your business performance.

  • We are business improvement consultants

  • We help you identify the root cause of your operational problems and develop solutions

  • We outline and help execute a plan designed specifically for your needs to resolve your problems using lean manufacturing principles

  • We work with you to create the culture of executing, continuous improvement and implement the process to sustain the improvements

Maximizing your business performance

Martin will help you pick up the free money laying on your supply chain table.  Martin got our product to market months sooner, negotiated with existing vendors & sourced new ones, lowered defect rates, and greatly improved unit economics.  These results came from steady process improvement & gentle guidance to our staff.

Alan Fairless

Co-Founder , Transportant Inc.

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Who we are

Staples Consultants is an operational transformation company with deep roots in lean manufacturing.  With over 25 years of experience directing noteworthy operational improvements in manufacturing, global supply chain and back office operations for US and international based companies we have solid experience delivering positive results.  We work with you to take a holistic view of the business and operation to identify the key areas to work on to improve the overall company performance.  Continuous improvement in operations is more than just new ideas and tools.  It is also a cultural change and a powerful new mindset.

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How we work

Review and Data Analysis 

Finding the right solution starts with identifying the right problem for action.   We work with you to review the business data and metrics to identify the potential root cause for your problems.  Then we assess the operation to perform a process analysis while observing and listening to your team.  With you, we go beyond the symptom to identify the root cause issues.

Improvement Roadmap

After reviewing all the data to gain a deep understanding of your business, we develop an improvement road map for your operation linked to quantifiable business results.  The road map is in a logical sequence to drive measured performance through planned stages.


Once the road map is complete, we start the implementation phase.  This is where we work with your team in the execution of the improvement road map.  It is a collaborative hands-on effort with people at all levels of your organization.  


Once the improvement is implemented, it needs to be measured and sustained.  We will work closely with your management team to a sustaining process so the improvements are maintained or exceeded.

Want to learn more?

Contact us today to set up a quick call or a meeting to discuss your company's pain points.  We will review your situation and make initial recommendations during a preliminary assessment.

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