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Martin is an expert in logistics, manufacturing, and process management. Rarely do you meet a true expert of their field, with humility and a dedication to continuous learning. That and more can be said of Martin. He joined Safety4Her as its manufacturing and logistics advisor. His decades long experience in international logistics was evident immediately. With a few early conversations he was able to identify liabilities in our products, dependencies in our supply-chain, and provide immediate advice on actionable items to improve our areas of weakness. In addition to his ability to quickly identify and capitalize on opportunities for improvement, his existing network of international partners and contacts have also proved invaluable in researching additional options and providing supplementary services with credibility and experience of their own. Aside from his extensive experience and his ability to approach new problems with agility; he is an extremely easy person to work with. This last part cannot be understated; not only does he bring the skills and resources necessary to deliver tangible results, he does so in a way that gets buy-in from the entire team and educates them along the way. I highly recommend Martin to anyone seeking informed and experienced advice on process improvement (particularly if working on international supply-chains and manufacturing).

Charles Johnson

CFO, Safety4Her

Martin will help you pick up the free money laying on your supply chain table.  Martin got our product to market months sooner, negotiated with existing vendors & sourced new ones, lowered defect rates, and greatly improved unit economics.  These results came from steady process improvement & gentle guidance to our staff.

Alan Fairless

Co-Founder , Transportant Inc.

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