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Pre-Purchase Acquisition Due Diligence

Reduce the risk out of purchasing a company with underlying problems.  We can provide an in-depth review of the operation, processes, metrics, and team member talent.  You want to make sure you have the right processes and team in place to give you sustainable results.  We can also assist you in identifying operational improvement opportunities and supply chain refinements that you can make to serve your customers better, reduce costs, grow more revenue, and increase the bottom line.

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Operational Improvement

If your operation is struggling to meet customer demand or deliver the expected financial results we can help.  With a two day assessment, we will provide you an independent assessment of what the operation and team can deliver in the current state and what they should be capable of.  We will also outline a path to improved operational performance.  We will work with you to support your efforts and achieve key objectives by leveraging Best Practices.

Strategic Plan Development

Getting results depends on having the right strategy and executing that strategy.  A strategic plan is a literal roadmap to success.   We will work with your team to develop a deeper understanding of the business and your markets.  Then we will define the key goals that will have the greatest impact to your company.  We will do this by guiding your team through our process of strategic thinking, planning, and development.

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